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Sara’s Unnatural Color Hair Masterpost


nobody asked for this, but here it is anyway. there’s a surprising lack of hair dye guides on the internet and it’s weirdly difficult to find comprehensive reviews on brands. i’m by no means an expert but ive been doing this for a while and sacrificed my hair for the sake of experimentation so hopefully this will help someone out there.

i’ll be talking about having unnatural hair in general, my experiences with different brands, how to keep the color in your hair, what to expect when your hair does fade, and mixing and dying over colors.

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Hi! I saw your post on hair dye and just thanks for that! Your cut's really cute! I don't know when it was posted but I had a question anyway. What about doing several colors in a strand? Is there good method for getting one color to fade more naturally into the next without it just being blocks of color? Not singular tone gradient but several colors. Also what exactly does toner do and do you need to use it too? If you get a chance I'd appreciate any help. Thanks again!

Thank you!! I’m glad my guide was helpful!

Whenever I’m trying to get colors to fade I think of it as the same as painting a gradient on a canvas. Apply the color in sections and leave some space between them. Then go back and slowly merge the colors together by bringing the lower color up on your hair and the higher color down and overlapping them slightly. I don’t know if I’m explaining that very well, but really it’s just a matter of mixing a small amount of dye directly on your hair and making sure that you have at least a half inch of area to mix the color. I’m sure there’s a more precise way to do it but I’ve only ever been able to achieve gradients without a hard line between the colors through that method.

It also helps if you’re using colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. So, for example, when you’re mixing blue into purple it’s much easier to get a good result than it would be if you were mixing green into orange. If you’re going for a rainbow spectrum of hair, stick to the natural spectrum (red to orange to yellow, and so on) rather than switching the colors around.

Toner is for making your hair less brassy or orangey after you dye it, so that the dye doesn’t end up mixing with that orange color and end up a totally different color, or even fading to a gross color. If you’re dying your hair to a dark color or a warm color, you probably don’t need to worry about it. If you’re going for light, pastel colors or colors like green or blue you probably need to tone it first, or otherwise blue dye will end up green and green dye will end up yellow-green. I actually never use it, though! My hair bleaches to a less brassy color and I usually dye my hair darker colors anyway.

I hope that helped?



When it comes to cooking, not everyone is at the same skill level

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im so overworked rn because of final projects and im like totally burnt out so everything is too damn funny and im having emotions about shitty sports anime theyre not even that good but im garbage and a sucker for “friendship will help us win” bullshit im so sorr y

human beeings

its true im a weeb all over again but instead of shitty ninjas its shitty sports what am i doing with my life

heres a summary of my blog

  • text posts
  • sport anime
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after knb and yaoipedal are done airing, volleyball anime is next on my list and then i have to watch kyoukai no kanata and maybe khr idk


does sara even know about baseball anime

i have heard of baseball anime but theres like 2 of them and i dont care too much (yet)

i only have the patience to watch one, maybe two, animes at the same time

its not my fault all these sports animes came out at the same time and all the other anime thats out is like “look at these generic girls, have a panty shot”

you watch exclusively sports animes now sara like



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